T-SQL Tuesday #72 Invitation – Data Modeling Gone Wrong

This month marks the 72nd T-SQL Tuesday.  Adam Machanic’s (b|t) started the T-SQL Tuesday blog party in December of 2009. Each month an invitation is sent out on the first Tuesday of the month, inviting bloggers to participate in a common topic. On the second Tuesday of the month all the bloggers post their contribution to the event for everyone to read. The host sums up all the participant’s entries at the end of the week. This month I’m the host and the topic is …

Data Modeling Gone Wrong

The purpose of SQL Server, is to make sure that the databases are kept safe and run as optimally as possible. The problem is, if the data model is flawed, or not maintained, then no matter how optimally the SQL Server is configured, the database won’t be able to function efficiently.

I would like to invite you to share some data modeling practices that should be avoided, and how to fix them when they do occur.

Rules for T-SQL Tuesday Blog Party

Rule 1: Make sure that you include the T-SQL Tuesday image at the top of the post which will help identify your post as a T-SQL Tuesday blog post.  Please include a link back to this invitation too.

Rule 2: Publish your post sometime next Tuesday using GMT. Here’s a link to a GMT time convertor.  For example, in California, that would cover 5 pm Monday to 5 pm (PDT) Tuesday.

Rule 3: Come back here and post a link in the comments so that I can find all the posts for the round up.

Rule 4: Don’t get yourself fired. Make sure that you either generalize your post or get permission to blog about anything from work.

Rule 5: If you roam the Twitterverse, then don’t forget to Tweet about your blog post with the hashtag #tsql2sday.

Rule 6: Go read someone else’s blog on the subject!

Final Rule: Have fun!


  1. […] month, Mickey Stuewe (b|t) hosted T-SQL Tuesday, giving us a topic of “data modeling gone wrong“. This is a fantastic topic – there are just so many ways that data modeling can go […]

  2. Jens says:

    Oh bugger… Forgot to post link here. Blog was out on date, just not this update 🙂


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  5. […] Mickey Stuewe hosted T-SQL Tuesday this month.  Her topic:  data modeling gone wrong.  A few choice posts on the topic follow. […]

  6. thomasrushton says:

    Insufficient time to do the subject justice. A couple of memories here, though… https://thelonedba.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/t-sql-tuesday-72-data-modelling-gone-wrong/

  7. Robert Pearl says:

    Hey Mickey! Thanks for hosting, here’s my entry:


    Great topic! Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong 🙂

  8. Thanks Mickey!

    Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY: T-SQL Tuesday #72 – Implicit Conversion Problems http://nebraskasql.blogspot.com/2015/11/t-sql-tuesday-72-implicit-conversion.html #tsql2sday #sqlnewblogger #Ntirety

  9. […] Thank you Mickey Stuewe  (B|T) for hosting T-SQL Tuesday #72 – Data Modeling Gone Wrong […]

  10. […] she has a great topic. Data Modeling is something few people seem to do, especially developers, and it often can go wrong. That’s the topic, and I have a short […]

  11. […] is T-SQL Tuesday. This month’s host is Mickey Stuewe (@SQLMickey) with a challenge to blog about data modelling mistakes we’ve seen. Unfortunately, it’s an easy topic to blog about because proper data modelling often falls by the […]

  12. […] month Mickey Stuewe (b|t) is hosting and has asked for some data modeling practices that should be avoided, and how to fix […]

  13. SQL Server says:

    Why are you still using datetime?

    It’s almost Thanksgiving time again! Let’s see, what am I thankful for? T-SQL Tuesday! Someone

  14. […] part of #TSQL2sday Mickey Stuewe (b|t) has proposed a question looking at best practices when someone has made some bad design […]

  15. Rob Farley says:

    What’s driving your data model?

    If data modelling were easier, I doubt there would be as many books on the subject, and we wouldn’t have

  16. […] first TSQL Tuesday post on the new blog is an invite by my friend and sql sister Mickey Stuewe (b|t). It is regarding data modeling practices that are well avoided and how problems rising as a […]

  17. […] month, Mickey Stuewe is hosting, and the topic she chose is “Data Modeling Gone Wrong”. Pull out your stories about horrible data structures you’ve seen, or write something about […]

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