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  1. Hi Mickey,
    Apologies, if you have already received this message. I was uncertain whether the message was delivered or not and I wanted to be certain that I reached out to you.

    I went to your talk on Best Practices for Efficient SSRS Creation at the SQL Saturday in Mountain View a couple weeks ago (Mar 15th). It was such a pleasure to hear your tips on each part of the report development process. I certainly could relate to many of the situations you mentioned.

    Though I hoped to introduce myself at the conference, I am writing now because I noticed that you are in the Southern California area. I am currently looking to move closer to my parents (in North Orange County). I was wondering if you know of a good way to get introduced to the T-SQL community in Orange County.

    I am a report developer using SSRS on SQL Server 2008 R2, a SQL developer and intermediate to advanced Excel user. Though I have been writing SQL queries and working with relational databases for almost 10 years, I am relatively new to T-SQL (3 yrs) and even newer to SSRS.

    I am looking to learn more about information management and business intelligence using Microsoft tools primarily. It would be great to hear from you regarding good places to connect with professionals in the area that have a similar focus.

    All the best,
    Eufemia Palomino
    Reporting Specialist
    Charles Schwab Investment Management

  2. khushboo says:

    Hello mickey , this is sweetu ramani from Twitter.

    Query example :
    Select case when cat = a and status in ( g,h) and date in null then 3
    When cat =a and status in (m,n) and date is null then 5 …. from #temp
    ( similar cases with different cat but all give values of this one column, and I have 3 to manipulate similar way which has in total 15-16 cases on each and those numbers sometime gets manipulated too from a function its not 3,5 always.

    Thanks for replying me on twitter I appreciate you taking time on this.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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