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You may use these free scripts under the condition that my name and the names of my co-authors are left in the scripts. The script must also remain as free as the unicorns.

SQL Scripts

ER Studio Data Architect Macros

SQL Prompt Snippets

  • com (Comment Block)
    • Adds a Comment block with name, date, history section, sample place holder, and purpose place holder.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • comHist (Comment History)
    • Adds the the user’s name, the date, and sets the user up to add a comment.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • TODO (ToDo)
    • Adds a TODO comment so that the comment can be easily searched for later.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • NewIndex (New Index Template)
    • Template for a new index.
    • Note: make sure that you use underscores to separate the fields in the field list so that the name builds correctly, then change the underscores to commas in the field list.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • Indexes4TableALL (Index List For A Table)
    • Lists all the indexes for a particular table with a comma delimited list of index fields, a comma delimited list of included fields, the where option, and the fill factor.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • NewTriggerScript (New Triggers for Auditing Fields.)
    • SQL Prompt snippet for creating triggers for tables with ModifiedBy and ModifiedDTS fields.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • New
    • Creates a new stored procedure shell.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • New_IU
    • Creates a new transactional stored procedure shell.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • NewFun
    • Creates a shell for a new In-Line Table Function.
    • Blogged about it here.
  • FindTrig
    • Creates a list of tables that have the ModifiedDTS field, but not trigger to populate it.
    • Blogged about it here.

SSRS templates

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