SQL Advent Calendar – Day 5 – Snippet For New Indexes

AdventCalendar05First Post in this series: SQL Advent Calendar 2013-Day 1- Placeholders in SQL Prompt Snippets

As I was hanging our family Advent Calendar up, I thought I would make one for you, my readers. I’ll be sharing my scripts from two of my favorite products as well as tips on how to create your own.

New Index

I have four snippets that are templates for new SQL Objects. The one I’m sharing today is for new indexes. The great thing about  snippets like this, is I add comments to help me or my teammates make decisions on how the SQL object is created.

Notice that I included the hint of “Use Shift + Ctrl + M to set Template Placeholders”. I wrote about them here. I start all of my “new” templates with the word new, but you can really call them whatever you want. This one is NewIndex. Notice that some of the Template Placeholders are repeated. That keeps me from having to do repetitive work. (WIN!)

USE <db,string,$dbname$>

--Use Shift + Ctrl + M to set Template Placeholder
IF  EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.indexes WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'<schemaowner,string,dbo>.<tablename,string,>') AND name = N'IX_<tablename,string,>_<fields,string,>')
DROP INDEX IX_<tablename,string,>_<fields,string,> ON <schemaowner,string,dbo>.<tablename,string,> WITH ( ONLINE = OFF )

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_<tablename,string,>_<fields,string,> ON <schemaowner,string,dbo>.<tablename,string,>
	(FILLFACTOR = <fillfactor,string,95>)ON [PRIMARY] --GUID Datatype use FillFactor = 80, otherwise use FillFactor = 95 

Here is what the dialog box will look like as I fill it out.


Here is what the code will look like after I click OK. Notice that the INCLUDE clause is filled out and the WHERE clause has been omitted. One “gotcha” for this, is the list of fields. You have to either replace the underscores with commas in the list or replace the commas with underscores in the name. It still makes my life easy.



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